Crossword Express

Crossword Express 8.0

Crossword Express is a wonderful set of puzzles and crosswords

Crossword Express is a wonderful set of puzzles and crosswords for all tastes and skills. The program features an unattractive and simple user interface which can be used by anyone. You can not only solve hundreds of puzzles and crosswords, but also create your own ones using the amazing builders. You can create different varieties of crosswords (standard, free form and theme) as well as other word and number puzzles including wordsearch, sudoku, kakuro, acrostic, morphword, ladderword, pyramidword and slitherlink puzzles. The program includes different dictionaries for your puzzles that can be explored and edited whenever you want, and you can also add new ones. All the puzzles and crosswords can be printed out or exported with multiple layouts. If you are a crossword lover I can assure you that this program will not disappoint you at all and will keep you solving different puzzles for days, and whenever you get tired of the available ones you can create your own to solve with your friends and family.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • You can create your own puzzles and crosswords
  • Multiple types of crosswords and puzzles
  • Free


  • Unattractive and unintuitive user interface
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